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Providing Official

When you’re setting up a new organization in Turkey, Monetics can provide you a registered office address for temporarily and/or permanently.
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Tax Return Filing

Follow-up of changes in tax laws and regulations through mailing to your address our tax news letter written in Turkish (translation is provided when necessary.)
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Establishment Services

You should first choose the type of your company. Which type of company meets your expectations? Which type is more suitable for your business activities in Turkey?
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Preparation of monthly payrolls according to the written information received from the management on cost center base. Printing monthly payroll slips.
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Posting of the periodic accruals and valuations that are legally required by the Turkish Tax Law. Preparation of annual balance sheets and income statements
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Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports in accordance with Group Accounting Principles, IFRS and/or US GAAP. Tax Accounting
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Meet the new generation accounting







team member
The Monetics brand was launched to present its customers with 20 years of CPA expertise, Big4 management and the experience it gained in the services it provides to foreign capital companies, with the understanding of "new generation accounting".

Monetics constantly invests in technology, fully embraces Big4's service approach, business ethics and perfectionism, and offers its customers this level of service at the most affordable cost by combining it with technology.

How is technology used in Monetics?

· All accounting documents can be safely delivered to the Monetics team via the online, cloud-basedsystem.

· Our customers will be able to access all information, documents, payroll, and statements 24/7 free of charge via the Monetics mobile phone application and/or the link http://online.monetics.com.tr/.

· Since we use technology at the highest level, we can provide the best service at the most affordable cost.
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Our Approach

Thanks to our four-step methodology, we will more easily understand the needs of our customers and define the scope and responsibilities of the business.

Beginning Process

Understanding your needs and expectations.Determining the service approach in line with your needs and expectations.

Offer Phase

Determination of responsibilities, scope of service and fee.Transfer of responsibilities and roles to the contract.

Transfer Process

Programmatic and seamless transfer of business to Monetics.Implementation of improved processes and technologies.

Operation Process

Ensure business sustainability, increase customer satisfaction and maintain competitive advantage.

Transfer Process

Our Solutions

Cost control and focus on thecore business of the company
Cost control

- Cost control with competitive and fixed prices
- Avoiding the costs and risks of generating and maintaining in-house solutions
- Focusing of internal resources on core business
Active control
Continuous surveillance
- Fast, timely and accurate fulfillment of tax liabilities with minimum use of internal resources
- Significantly reduced risk of non-compliance
- Effective and timely feedback
Expert team and quality service
Quality service with standardized processes
- Quality service tailored to your needs
- Minimizing the effect of team change with an experienced team and standard service approach
- Transparent communication
Flexible service approach andadvanced technology
Flexible service concept
- Service model tailored to company needs and changing market conditions
- Continuous improvement of processes with technological updates
- Secure data transfer and high information quality
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